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Product model: Buder HI-TA817Product Descriptions
Name of productWater Ionizer, Alkaline water purifier, ORP purifier, Ionised water system, Alkaline water ionizer
Size of IonizerFaucet: 7.5x23x28cm ; Ionizer: 240mm x 130mm x 320mm
ConnectorDirect connect to water tap
Type of filtration5 stages of multi stages filtration + Electrolysis (7 stages of electrodes plate)Certified by JIS (Japan)
PowerAC220v 50~60Hz
Additional design features9 selection of pH levels from 2.7pH – 10pH
Filtration up to 0.1micron
Auto adjustment of pH regardless of water flow rate
Artificial intelligence sensor system
Automatic reverse self-cleaning (patented technology)
More than -1000mV of oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
New Platinum Fine Coating Electrode ( patented technology)
Filter replacement display & indicator
Country of OriginJapan by Kyushu Hitachi Maxell
Ideal for:Drinking, Cleansing, Rinsing of foods & Cooking
Warranty1 year
Pricing RM 5,200.00 + pre filtration systemWe have very good price. Call us.
About BuderBuder is the agent for the high-end Alkaline Water Ionizer which manufactured in Japan by Kyushu Hitachi Maxell Ltd. since 2003 and is the official distributor for the company’s products in Asian and European Countries.Buder Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. was establised in 1970 and has since become a well-known professional water dispenser manufacturer in Taiwan.

Buder has wider product ranges in POU Water Dispenser, Water Cooler, Water Boiler, Water Chiller, Water Fountain, Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, Water Purifier, Water Filtration, Water filters and related products.