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Product model: BTN 400N, Biontech Product Descriptions
Name of product Water Ionizer, Alkaline water purifier, ORP purifier, Ionised water system, Alkaline water ionizer
Size of Ionizer 320mm x 140mm x 340mm
Connector Direct connect to water tap
Weight 6.5kg
Type of filtration 6 stages of multi stages filtration + Electrolysis (5 stages of electrodes plate)
Power AC220v 50~60Hz
Additional design features 9 selection of pH levels
Auto adjustment of pH regardless of water flow rate
Artificial intelligence sensor system
Automatic self-cleaning
Voice indicator
More than -500mV of oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
Water supply adjustment valve
Filter replacement display & indicator
Color Blue & Silver
Country of Origin Korea
Ideal for: Drinking, Cleansing, Rinsing of foods, Cooking,
Ratings *****
Warranty 1 year
Pricing RM 3,200.00 + pre filtration system We have very good price. Call us.
About Buder Biontech Co., Ltd, established in 1986, is specialized in Alkaline Water Ionizers, Water Purifiers, Shower Water Softeners, Electric Toilet Seats, Air Purifiers (ESP system) and more. Sharing over 50% Water Ionizer market in South Korea from 2000 to 2012, we export 30% of our products to over 25 countries in the world. LG Hi-plaza, E-mart, Homeplus, ETLAND, Hanaro Mart and Samsung Digital Plaza source from us in Korea.Biontech is currently producing the largest number of water Ionizers in the world. Building on its technological process, the company has earned international brand power and secured world-class production facilities.

Biontech has won many quality awards, such as 1ST Award for KSQEI by KSA (Korean Standards Association), 2010 Quality Satisfaction Award by Korean Society for Quality Management and more. Our products are with GMP, NRTL, CE, IECEE, PSE, FDA approvals. Besides we have 15 QC steps to assure the quality of our products from material purchasing to final improvement