RO System

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Product model: Reverse Osmosis 75gpd + Alkaline Product Descriptions
Name of product Undersink reverse osmosis system
Type of Purifier Undersink system
Size of system:
– Purifier
– Pressure storage tank
16″ x 18″ x 87″
11.5″ x 16″
Size of connector 3/4″
Weight 12.5kg
Type of filtration Inline multi stages filtration: Reverse Osmosis

  1. Sediment PP 5 micron
  2. Pre Activated Carbon
  3. Activated Carbon
  4. Filmtech RO membrane
  5. Post Activated Carbon
  6. Pi Antioxidant Energy Alkaline (optional)
Additional design features Flimtech RO membrane, DOW USA (75GPD)
3 gallons pressurised storage tank for better flow
Counter top flexible RO faucet
24W Diaphragm booster pump (100psi)
Country of Origin Taiwan, USA & China
Ideal for: Office, Home use, Small cafe/ kiosk
Ratings *****
Warranty 1 years
Pricing We have very good price. Call us.