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Product model: FRP Pentair, Twin Towers Product Descriptions
Name of product Outdoor filter/ master filter/ wholehouse filter/ centralised filter/ point of entry filter/ sand filter/ multi media filter
Size of vessel 10″ x 44″ x 2units
Valve Capacity 3/4″
Type of filtration media Zeolite, Anthracite, Carbon, Silica, Fine Silica, Gravel
Flow rate 500-1,200 liters /hr
Material Fibreglass-reinforced
Backwashing valve: Manual Standard: ABS Multiport valve handle, steering or Stainless steel covered
Color Raw yellow, Grey, Blue
Country of Origin USA
Ideal for: Laundry, Bathing, Cooking, Cleansing, Light commercial, Restaurant
Ratings ****
Warranty 10 years on vessel, 5 years on multiport valve
Pricing RM 1,580.00 We have very good price. Call us.