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Product model: Ultrafilter Waterexpress, GB 1KNProduct Descriptions
Name of productOutdoor filter/ master filter/ wholehouse filter/ centralised filter/ point of entry filter/ membrane filter/ hollow fibre filter/ micron filter/ UF filter
Size of vessel40.5″ x 4.5″
Valve Capacity3/4″
Type of filtration mediaHollow fibre membrane
Flow rate1600-2,500 liter/hr
MaterialShell: Stainless Steel 304, Thickness: 1.5mm
Membrane: Polyacrylnitrile (PAN); PAN membranes have moderate temperature limits (40° C), a moderate pH operating range (2-10), good mechanical strength (44 psig TMP, 44 psig max inlet pressure), moderate oxidant tolerance (up to 1000 ppm during cleaning, <103 ppmh), and moderate resistance to acids and caustic (acid = 1N, caustic = 0.1N)
Max. pressure4 bar
Flushing/ Cleaning valve: Auto & ManualBattery operated: 9V, Digital function, max. 4x auto cleaning option, 7days selection cleaning option, cleaning duration option
ColorOriginal Stainless Steel
Country of OriginLocal Assembled
Ideal for:Laundry, Bathing, Cooking, Cleansing, Drinking*
Warranty10 years on vessel, 2 years on auto timer, 2 years on installation
Pricing RM 1,780.00 (full package installation)We have very good price. Call us.