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Product model: Tong Yang, WPU 6500F (RO) Product Descriptions
Name of product Direct piping water dispenser, indoor water dispenser, reverse osmosis dispenser
Types of dispenser Floorstanding, Hot & cold function + warm option*, Double Faucets
Size of dispenser 14″ x 17″ x 48″
Size of connector 3/4″
Weight 28kg
Type of filtration Inline multi stages filtration: Reverse Osmosis

  1. Ceramic 0.1 micron or Sediment PP 5 micron
  2. Pre Activated Carbon
  3. Silver Activated Carbon
  4. RO membrane
  5. Post Activated Carbon
Heating tank:
2.0 liter
Stainless steel
Cooling tank:
4.0 liter
Stainless steel
Additional design features Energy saving
Minimal reboiling
Safety child lock
LG compressor
With booster pump for extra pressure and flow rate
Color White, Black
Country of Origin Korea
Ideal for: Office, Home use, Small cafe/ kiosk
Ratings *****
Warranty 2 years for dispenser
Pricing RM 2,580.00 We have very good price. Call us.