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Product model: Classic 919 (Alkaline) Product Descriptions
Name of product Direct piping water dispenser, indoor water dispenser
Types of dispenser Table top, Hot, cold & warm function, 3 Faucets
Size of dispenser 14″ x 17″ x 48″
Size of connector 3/4″
Weight 14.5kg
Type of filtration Inline multi stages filtration:

  1. Ceramic 0.1 micron or Sediment PP 5 micron
  2. Pre Activated Carbon
  3. Silver Activated Carbon
  4. Post Activated Carbon
  5. Pi Antioxidant Energy Alkaline
Heating tank:
2.0 liter
Stainless steel
Cooling tank:
2.0 liter
Stainless steel
Additional design features Energy saving
Minimal reboiling
Safety child lock
Color Dark grey
Country of Origin Taiwan
Ideal for: Office, Home use, Small cafe/ kiosk
Ratings ****
Warranty 2 years for dispenser
Pricing RM 1,380.00 (basic) / RM 1,580.00 (Alkaline) / RM 1,880.00 (RO) We have very good price. Call us.